Create Timelines

Create as many Timelines you want and use them however you’d like!

Manage Colors

Pick your own color for line, marker, icon, etc – make it your own!

Control Fonts

Select any Google Font to match the Timeline with your website!

Get Full Version

Unlock full Bold Timeline features and get the full version now!


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Lite Version vs. Full Version

What does Bold Timeline Lite version offer and what can you do with Full Version? Here’s a list of features so you can see how it fares with the Full Version.

[bt_bb_features_table title=”Features; Bold Timeline Lite;Bold Timeline Full ” table=”Predefined styles;*yes*;*yes* Manage Colors;*yes*;*yes* Control Fonts;*yes*;*yes* Content Alignment;*no*;*yes* Icon and Item Shape;*no*;*yes* Marker;*no*;*yes* Connector;*no*;*yes* Line;*no*;*yes* Horizontal slider;*no*;*yes*” color_scheme=”” responsive=”” publish_datetime=”” expiry_datetime=”” el_id=”” el_class=”” el_style=””][/bt_bb_features_table]